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The purpose of Sweet Freedom is to promote social justice and social change through participatory music-making.

We work collaboratively with community and industry partners to provide opportunities for people who experience marginalisation to redefine themselves as valued contributors to society rather than as passive recipients. This is achieved through the vehicle of collaborative and interactive song writing, recording, and performance.  Through our own projects, and in partnership with others, we document the development process toward the production and release of professional quality recordings of suitable for internet, radio, and television.

The high quality of our music products allows the participants to share their stories and voices locally, nationally and internationally. The recording process also provides participants and partners with a tangible record of their involvement. Profits from each Sweet Freedom project and release are re-invested into community projects.

What do we do?
Sweet Freedom is both a home and a supportive network for community, industry, and academic partners who wish to conduct transformative, socially-just community music projects. We provide direct facilitation, expertise, and access to resources to ensure that community music projects are:

      • Infused with collaborative processes that build on participants’ and partners’ existing strengths;
      • Sensitive to cultural differences, community aspirations, individuals’ past experiences and current capacities of community members;
      • Conducted to a professional standard of music production;
      • Shared widely through traditional music industry and social justice distribution channels;
      • Evaluated and reported through ongoing partnerships with academic colleagues and partners.


In practical terms, we  co-facilitate music making processes with community members
(e.g. asylum seekers, people with mental health challenges, youth in residential care) who actively contribute to the following:

  • Construction of opportunities for self-expression
  • Creation of a healing environment that develops and reinforces self-confidence and personal power.
  • Offer training and support for others to facilitate community music-making processes through the sharing of accumulated insights and experiences;
  • Production and release of professional quality recordings and videos;
  • Provision of access to a network of community development practitioners, musicians, engineers, producers, community services and volunteers;
  • Provision of access to recording studios through our partners and networks;
  • Provision of access to existing distribution channels and networks.

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