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Sweet Freedom has in the past, and continues in the present, to involve itself in a variety of diverse projects, the aims of which are to give voice to the unheard, to bring justice to the oppressed and to encourage peace and freedom within our communities.

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Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. ~ Berthold Auerbach ~


trans2The Transformers

The Transformers are one of a few dedicated choirs established around the country by Reclink Australia inc. The best known of these was initially the ‘Choir of Hard Knocks’, whose profile was raised through the ABC television documentary. However, The Transformers, has slowly built its own profile in and around Brisbane to become a recognised and respected choir in its own right.

The choir was established in Brisbane in 2009 providing a musical ‘safe and creative’ space for people who navigate mental health challenges, or who sometimes experience isolation and homelessness. No standard of musical ability is required for members and as a consequence, individually there is quite a range in the quality of vocal abilities within the choir. However through the loving dedication of initial Music Director, Yani and then Kiri Waita-Green (who took over in 2012) and the joy and compassion with which they sing, the choir creates a beautiful unified sound which surpasses the abilities of individual members.

As a result the choir has performed as part of the Queensland Music Festival, as part of a performance by the cast of SBS television show ‘Rock Quiz (which was broadcast on ABC radio); with renowned Australian artist Deborah Conway at the Happiness Convention; and at the Woodford Folk Festival.

The choir contributed the song ‘Sail On’ to a fundraising CD produced by Sweet Freedom’s Simon Monsour and written by Sweet Freedom’s Brian Procopis. They have also recorded their own single of an original song, “What More Do We Need” (written by Sweet Freedom associate and Transformers’ manager, Mike Meade) which was performed for the Dalai Lama in 2011.

Though The Transformers are a program of Reclink Australia, common principals, goals and personnel  have seen the choir become more associated with Sweet Freedom such as their inclusion in the proposed Weapons of Choice Concert planned for late 2013.

Short Song Sample
Sail On

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