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Sweet Freedom has in the past, and continues in the present, to involve itself in a variety of diverse projects, the aims of which are to give voice to the unheard, to bring justice to the oppressed and to encourage peace and freedom within our communities.

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Scattered People
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Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. ~ Berthold Auerbach ~


Scattered People

Brisbane musicians and community development workers rallied to the cause and joined with asylum seekers to ‘workshop’ themes of significance. Songs were crafted and subsequently recorded which highlight “their escape and thirst for freedom – their haunting journeys to (places unknown – their celebration of the need for one another and the resilience which has characterised their survival …”

The resultant album was described by Shane Stuart of ABC Music as “flawless and absolutely wonderful”. It has been enthusiastically taken up by Amnesty International and the ‘New Internationalist’ – the August 2002 edition of which includes a review of the album ” this astonishingly professional album, one that has deservedly picked up a clutch of awards, is rich with humanity and hope, pain and patience as asylum seekers from around the globe come together to put the story of their lives to us in music”

It was used extensively by the United Nations in East Timor to encourage full participation in the emerging country’s first democratic elections. Newly-elected President Xanana Gusmao made contact with the Scattered People production team in appreciation.

The Scattered People album is a celebration of the diversity and the common ground accessible via music. The asylum seekers are able to share their message of struggle, hope and strength across the airwaves.
Perhaps in their music their voices will at last be heard.

The ‘Stand With Us’ remix music video has been broadcast nationally on Australian television. (see Video Page)

Short Song Samples
Hometown (Scattered People)
Precious Water (Normal Days)
Need One Another (Scattered People)
A Normal Day (Normal Days)

The second Scattered People CD, 'Normal Days', came seven years after the first.

The people are different and the countries from which they come are also different but the pain, the isolation, the displacement continues.

The heartbreak of leaving homelands and loved-ones and longing for safety and a 'real' home still fules the songs and the singing... new songs with new singers all still hoping for 'normal days'.

The Sweet Freedom team continue to bring what comfort they can to the refugee claimantswith social contact and singing at detention centres and through allowing them an avenue to express their experiences and feelings through songs.


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