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                Research & Resources


savetoDISC Research Network connects practitioners, musicians and researchers who create and document innovative approaches to music making in schools and communities. Please follow the links to resources and downloads that may be useful in working with creative activity in communities.

The resources below have been made available from projects that focus on documenting multi media and evaluation of arts and ICT’s in community development. Many thanks to June Lennie, Jo Tacchi and Sam Leong for supplying this valuable information and thanks to the UN UNICEF, ICCC, UNESCO for the initiatives that funded them.

PDF Resources

Bamford, A. (2006) The Wow Factor: Global Research compendium on the impact of the arts in education, New York/ Munchen/Berlin, Waxmann Munster.

Davies, Rick, and Jess Dart. The ‘Most Significant Change’ (MSC)Technique:

Dillon, S.C. Democratic and digital evaluation

Song Cultures: Protocols for producing Indigenous Australian Music: ISBN: 0 642 47239 4: An initiative of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts Board of the Australia Council for the Arts.

Songs of Resilience

Winner, E. & Hetland, L. (2001) ‘An Arts in Education Research Compendium.’ California Arts Council Year of the Arts 2001.

Web Links

Asia Pacific Community Music Network

International Journal of Community Music

Musicians Without Borders

save to DISC ( Documenting Innovation in Sound Communities) Research Network Publications


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