War divides, music connects.

Musicians without Borders has experienced time and again the power of music to contribute to healing and reconciliation and building tolerant, peaceful societies.

For those who have suffered the traumatic experiences of war and conflict--physical and emotional violence, displacement, loss of loved ones, home and dignity-- music offers comfort, joy and the chance to re-connect with the inner self and the community. For those separated from others by ethnic, religious or political divides, music provides a neutral space in which contact, communication and reconciliation become possible. For children and youth growing up in precarious environments, the challenge and joy of making music (together) stimulates the development of creativity and character and offers a window to a brighter future.

We gladly endorse the Scattered People project for its work to bring music to displaced children, youth, women and men who are hoping for a brighter future in Australia.

Laura Hassler, Director
Musicians without Borders

'People who make music together cannot be enemies'....Paul Hindemith, composer

Sweet Freedom is proudly associated with

Musicians without Borders
is an international network organisation
that uses the power of music
to connect communities,
bridge divides
and heal the wounds of war and conflict.

Musicians Without Borders

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