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Social Aims.

Sweet Freedom’s music-making contributes to the enhancement of self-esteem, personal capacity and resilience for the individuals and  communities at the forefront of our projects. We use music as a vehicle to enable people who are marginalised to enter a welcoming space where their views on the world are listened to, valued and shared through collaborative music-making. Music also provides an educative vehicle providing access for a broader listenership into the experience and insights of those who have experienced/are experiencing marginalisation.

Perhaps most importantly, through our projects, people are connected with others: Participants are linked to one another, build new relationships, and find friends; Partners and communities build stronger collaborations and enhance their capacity to conduct community music projects and activities; and audiences from across the world are connected with people, voices, and stories that often go unheard.


Our projects produce direct and indirect benefits across a spectrum of contexts and groups. These benefits can be summarised under these categories:

  • Building connections, resilience, and capacity for participating individuals, communities, and organisations;
  • Enhancing self esteem for individual participants and surrounding organisations and networks;
  • Producing and releasing professional quality music recordings that produce a revenue stream for participating non profits and seed funds for future projects;
  • Identity building for marginalised groups in Australia through release and distribution of their original music;
  • Broader social benefits of enhanced understanding of socially marginalised groups.

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