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“There are times when things that need to be said, are said.
There are times when feelings that need to be expressed, are expressed.
There are times when voices that have been constricted, finally relinquish the inhibitions
These are times of freedom – the cage is opened, the energy is shared, the burden is lightened …

It’s a sweet feeling”.

Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosphy. Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents. ~ Ludwig van Beethoven ~

Welcome: Sweet Freedom Ltd is a not for profit social enterprise that uses participatory music-making to create and/or enrich ‘community’ for marginalized people.

Its aims and methodologies are underpinned within the principles of social justice, social inclusion and community development. Within that ‘community’, peace-making is prioritized, self-expression is valued, creativity is celebrated, friendships are fostered and self-esteem is enhanced. The productbecomes a source of personal and collective pride and emerges from a process that involves interactive song writing, recording (to a professional standard), performance and dissemination of products (CDs and DVDs).

Outcomes are always memorable, indirectly therapeutic and at times surprising (Transformers being invited to sing for the Dalai Lama, Scattered People music being used by Xanana Gusmao of East Timor to invite first-time voters to participate in that country’s first democratic elections, Zillmere Kids’ record being the most requested song ever on ABC radio) while audiences and product recipients are drawn into a dynamic interchange which heightens awareness and stimulates compassion.

Who we work with: Our target groups and primary beneficiaries include: i) asylum seekers; ii) those experiencing social isolation and mental health issues; and iii) vulnerable young people. Our previous projects have included the award winning “Scattered People” songwriting and CD recording projects with asylum seekers; songs for peace projects with school students; remote songwriting and recording projects with Indigenous kids; and community choirs with people with disabilities and mental health challenges.

Where we’re at: Sweet Freedom has achieved international and national awards and recognition for its work and is recognised as an organisation with strong integrity and reputation. To date we have progressed on a project-by-project basis which has allowed us to work with many great organisations to achieve many great outcomes.


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